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Supporting all parties through the Property Disposition lifecycle.

Servicers / Asset Managers

Get complete control & transparency over REO Property Disposition.


Access opportunities, grow with us and grow your business.


Gain exposure to client service opportunities and real estate agents.

Buyers & Investors

Invest before the rest and see higher gains.

Our Cornerstones. Your Success


Don’t let someone else tell you how to run your business.

  • Don’t translate: Your business, your way, your language
  • Foster stronger communication between all parties
  • Effortlessly connect buyers and sellers
  • Provide transparency to key stakeholders

Engage key stakeholders in the right next steps to achieve better execution.

  • Gain efficiencies with automated workflows and tasks
  • Adhere to defined requirements and guidelines
  • Easy access to relevant information and documentation
  • Audit trails for activity on every property

Accelerate the process of marketing and selling properties.

  • Advanced use of dashboards and analytics to proactively manage your portfolio
  • Customize and automate your workflows to meet your unique needs
  • Avoid costly errors, missed steps and rework
  • More intuitive user experience that helps you make things happen with fewer clicks

Software Platform that drives action and has been continually improving for decades.

  • Immediate access to the most important insights to anticipate and correct issues
  • The right workflow options for every role
  • Create and report on your own data fields with advanced data visualization and drill down capabilities
  • Interchangeable data tiles that can evolve as your needs change
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