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Exceleras™ is your partner for effective and efficient REO Property Disposition

Experience is the key

Exceleras has been a pillar of the REO industry in good times and bad, and we know what’s coming next. We were there to support the industry during the 2008 foreclosure crisis, allowing our clients to effectively manage historic volume. We’re still here, ready to serve the industry through whatever the end of forbearance has in store for us.

That’s because during the COVID crisis, we’ve been working tirelessly to reinvent ourselves. Exceleras today is more than it was in the past. We’ve learned to look at the real estate disposition business in a new light. And we’ve transformed our company and our platform for what you need not only today, but into the future.

Clients choose Exceleras because they need a solution that can adapt to their unique needs and seamlessly blend into their work environment, not one that requires them to learn new language and change their processes to conform to system requirements. They also need a platform that drives the right actions at the right time to accelerate property disposition with a low cost to own and operate. We offer this, and much more.

If you haven’t looked at Exceleras lately, check us out to see how we’re changing the way our industry looks at REO.

Our Purpose

We offer a premier, comprehensive, data-driven, web-based real estate property disposition platform, focused on guiding and accelerating the disposition process for REO properties.

We save time and money by helping to accelerate the REO property disposition process through a flexible, cost-effective platform that simplifies complexity, provides easy access to critical information and ensures full compliance and accountability.

About Us

Exceleras is a leading provider of default software solutions.

Exceleras is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering strategic thinking, collaboration, and outstanding customer service to clients in the mortgage servicing and real estate industries. We are a leading provider of default software solutions for banks, servicers, sub servicers, capital market groups, and other mortgage and real estate industry professionals.

Our software platform drives workflow automation, allowing true management by exception, and provides transparency to key stakeholders. Our solutions include our REO Property Disposition Platform, ValueSolutions Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Platform and Offer Management applications. Our platforms offer turn-key solutions, tailored to your unique needs using customizable dashboards and real-time, business intelligence reporting capabilities.

Flexible, Focused, Fast

Exceleras makes your job easier, more efficient and more predictable by helping you

  • Accelerate the property disposition process
  • Anticipate problems before they become issues
  • Do business your way, using your language
  • Display the information you need, when and where you need it
  • Understand the actions that most require your attention – right now
  • Access the tools and capabilities you need to get the job done

Exceleras has an experienced leadership team.

An experienced team of business leaders, industry experts and technology developers provide the thought leadership, strategic direction and business execution we need to keep Exceleras on the forefront of our industry.

Tom Simon


Michael D. Romano

Chief Operating Officer

Eve Cooper

Chief Financial Officer

Phil Gore

Chief Architect

Rob Churchwell

Product Owner

Aljumaat Amilhasan

Chief Information Officer

Jonathan Kunkle

Chairman of the Board

Jim Clark

Chief Innovation Officer & Board Member

Our Team

Delivering exceptional solutions to accelerate your results

Exceleras is made up of professionals with significant industry experience, coupled with just the right balance of people from outside our industry to keep our ideas fresh and challenge us to find better ways to bring value to everything we do. Our team uses the same software development tools, testing procedures, agile work processes and compliance standards as larger and more sophisticated organizations.

We hold ourselves accountable to ensure the way we think, act, work and lead internally aligns with how we want to be perceived externally. Using our Four Cornerstones, we remain flexible to the evolving needs of our clients, focused on the work that matters most. We work fast by acting with a healthy sense of urgency, and we are continuously building our skills and capabilities to ensure we’re better tomorrow than we were yesterday.

Our Story

Exceleras creates powerful web-based automated tools

Exceleras, located in Glencoe, Illinois, was established in 2006. Our founders applied their significant national real estate experience to build a company that would become one of the industry’s fastest growing servicing technology firms in the U.S.

Little did they know that in just a few years the company and its new web-based software would be tested by the most significant foreclosure crisis since the Great Depression. With one in 10 American homeowners in default on their mortgage, the industry turned to Exceleras software.

Now stronger than ever, Exceleras creates powerful web-based automated tools used by mortgage servicers and asset managers to efficiently manage and value real estate throughout the REO disposition process. Our platform:

  • Is developed in partnership with Client Users
  • Complies with SSAE 16 security standards
  • Is hosted at primary and fully redundant back-up facilities with both data and physical security standards that exceed GLB requirements
  • Is easily integrated with other platforms (System of Record, etc.)
  • Has low switching and start-up costs with quick setup and training
  • Offers a true data and task-driven workflow
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