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A Deeper Look at the Exceleras Rebrand

In our last post, we took a look at the need for the industry to rebrand itself in light of the changes we see coming as forbearance ends and homeowners realize they don’t have as much equity in their homes as they thought they did.

As the industry changes and companies evolve to meet new customer needs, REO firms also find the need to rebrand—Exceleras included.

As many may recall, we went through a major rebranding a few years ago when we stepped away from DispoSolutions as a company name and adopted Exceleras. While Dispo is still the name of our flagship product and it’s still loved by firms across the industry, our company name has since evolved.

Over the past year or so, we’ve made a few more branding changes that serve to bring our company into better focus, especially for the clients we serve.

You’ll see that first in our new logo. While the old logo did hint at our corporate growth, it fell short of truly capturing what our company is all about.

If you look at our logo today, you’ll see signs of that continued growth in the bright green color. We worked with a professional designer to select this hue, as it represents energy and vibrance.

You’ll also notice, at a glance, the illustration of a house on the logo. This visual shows we are deeply rooted in the housing industry. That fact has never changed and we don’t see it ever doing so. As such, it made sense to create a roofline in our logo.

The leading edge of that roof looks like a rising trendline, showcasing the anticipated growth of the industry. What’s more, it illustrates that even if a trend levels out, it stretches far out into the future, just like we plan to do.

We also wanted to bring in the Four Fs of our rebranded company:

  • The roofline, which is also part of the letter x, is Flexible
  • The house demonstrates our Focus on this industry
  • The trendline/roof rises Fast, which is our third F
  • Only the letters required to spell our name are included, speaking to our Functionality, resisting bells and whistles in favor of the tools our clients actually need

It turns out that branding is just as important for your internal audiences as it is for your external ones. We made sure not to exclude our own people when we designed our new branding. Our industry would be wise to do the same as it responds to the changes we see coming this year.

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