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Foreclosures Activity Rises to Pre-COVID Levels

Mid-February saw another press release pointing to rising foreclosure activity across the industry, something our own data is showing us. New data from ATTOM, a company that maintains a database of foreclosure data, is showing that foreclosure activity has now risen above what we were seeing just before the pandemic started. According to ATTOM’s most recent data, there were a…

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A Deeper Look at the Exceleras Rebrand

In our last post, we took a look at the need for the industry to rebrand itself in light of the changes we see coming as forbearance ends and homeowners realize they don’t have as much equity in their homes as they thought they did. As the industry changes and companies evolve to meet new customer needs, REO firms also…

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The Critical Importance of an Industry Rebrand

We’ve been through a lot over the past two years, not just Exceleras or our friends in the mortgage industry, but all of us. For many, the pandemic has taken their home equity gains and put them on hold as their loans went into forbearance. And now, as the protections of the CARES Act expire, individuals are wondering what happens…

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Changing How Industry Thinks About REO

It’s been nearly 12 years since the foreclosure crisis rocked the industry and mortgage loan servicers found their portfolios filled with REO. Good software and large, institutional investors and hedge funds lessened the impact on our industry, but executives who lived through it will not soon forget it. It was a trial by fire for industry default servicing and REO…

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Empty Planes. Vacant Properties. Parallels with the REO Market.

Success, to a large degree, comes down to learning from our mistakes and from the good examples we find around us. The trick is finding good models to learn from. Southwest Airlines is a well-studied, often benchmarked organization. This is not surprising given that at one point, it delivered forty-four consecutive years of profitability, without ever facing a layoff. Unheard…

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