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The Critical Importance of an Industry Rebrand

We’ve been through a lot over the past two years, not just Exceleras or our friends in the mortgage industry, but all of us. For many, the pandemic has taken their home equity gains and put them on hold as their loans went into forbearance. And now, as the protections of the CARES Act expire, individuals are wondering what happens next.

For loan originators, it’s been a mad rush to keep up with demand that no one could have predicted. Who would have thought that during a time when millions of Americans have their mortgage in a forbearance plan that 60% of all home sellers would see a bidding war for their properties?

But change isn’t over. As we begin to break clear of the global health crisis, a new administration is settling into the White House. We have a new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the mortgage servicing industry is already being viewed as a key opportunity to stop foreclosure and reduce the housing gap in America.

To be successful in the future might require our industry to do some rebranding. Given the changing regulatory landscape, it’s likely to be critically important.

At Exceleras, we’ve been working on updating our brand for some time now. Visitors to our website will see a new logo, a new color scheme and a very clear value proposition that is all about providing accelerated REO Property Disposition to mortgage services. The changes extend to our DispoSolutions software, which is much easier to use and more powerful than ever before.

Users can do their work more quickly, have greater visibility into every aspect of the process and make better decisions.

The new look and feel is really just the beginning of the increased value we’ll bring to customers in 2022. We also have a new management team that is bringing new ideas from outside of our industry to bear on the problems mortgage servicers will be dealing with next year.

We’ll be introducing you to them and to the new way we’re thinking about REO Disposition in this space going forward.

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